About Us

AGRIVES A.S. is a company that has been established with the participation of FISEK GROUP who has years of history on Agriculture, Livestock and Hardware and before the establishment it has made long R&D works on the product of operation and this investment became incorporated in the last period.

In the process of designing and actualizing the project, it never has lost the excitement of the first day and saw this project as a national matter. This project is to be memorized as a product of Turkish engineering, Turkish entrepreneurship. This project that we planned as the first step, is the first step of many projects that our company will actualize with our first and second 5 year visions that we set as principles and already began the infrastructure work for.

No concessions, whether it be on engineering, design or quality, has been made on the project till now, the opportunities of engineering science has been use till the fine details and every phase has been took under operation after the completion of the necessary test processes.

Our company, as it stated in its vision, produced a multi-purpose agricultural machine with highest level security and performance as a result of its understanding based on human and environment. All kinds of standards, national and international, to ensure user security and environment safety have been applied.

We knew very well that it was to work both on hard field conditions and highways and it would never accept any mistakes.

KATSU has a strong chassis system that consists of the configuration of double chassis system, works with nacelle chassis from lumbar support. So KATSU, with that characteristic, has been designed in a way that will prevent four wheels lifting off from the ground in hard field conditions, therefore it prevents the vehicle from rolling over and enhances the 4 x 4 characteristic. Our vehicle leaves the choice of 4×4 and 4×2 to our user’s preference and allows them to use with the best option possible. The metals and the welding applications used in the chassis construction are produced in accordance with international standards.

In KATSU, 3 cylinder, 20.4 Hp, diesel, water-cooled, non-stop, silent motors that belongs to Mitsubishi firm whose quality is recognized in whole world, has been chosen. KATSU, with operating characteristic, strong main transmission and field transmission, reached to the maximum performance. It provides an important ease of handling for the users with its damper that can move to three sides.

In order to provide an easy and comfortable ride, the most appropriate spring design has been made for KATSU and it has been supported with dashpots from the same spots.

KATSU will provide ease of handling in many areas for the users with its special tail axle and motor PTO characteristics. With this characteristic it will provide many benefits aside from heavy transportation capacity by mounting lots of equipment that takes power from the tail axle like disinfestation, sprinkle fertilizer, weed eater, water pump, cultivator and plowing equipment.

This project is a multi-purpose agriculture machine project and the monument of our strain and laboring over. You will love KATSU for the contributions it will make to the agriculture of the contry and of the world.

This is why our motto needs to be that….
“You will love it”